A ‘Natural’ Aesthetic Result?

One of my favourite moments in a follow up consultation is when patients tell me what their close friends have said to them.

As natural looking aesthetic treatments are not the norm here in the UK – or at least widely spoken about – they are usually overlooked as a possible reason for whysomeone is looking great.

It is a frequent story that others have attributed the change to new clothes, make up, a hair style, an improved healthy lifestyle or even a great nights sleep. 

When we think of aesthetic treatments, there is a tendency to think of the frozen look of some celebrities or obviously filled lips. Thinking that they might end up looking ‘done’ often puts patients off seeking treatments.

The key is to keep the normal natural anatomical features, enhanced but in proportion to the face and in keeping with what would be expected.

For lifting/ anti wrinkle procedures as we start to age, it helps to see a photograph of the patient when they were younger and to see which features have changed.

Sometimes the phrase ‘less is more’ is used but I do not think a subtle treatment is the main answer to a natural outcome – even a dramatic change can look natural and not draw attention as long as the proportions and features are as would be expected in natural anatomy.

There is, however, definitely a place for having a treatment plan performed in a few stages –  both to achieve a gradual change and also because each treatment area effects the other parts of the face.

With these treatments, before and after photos are vital because even the patient may be surprised to see these when we look back. It is amazing how quickly we adjust to the new normal look and getting on with enjoying life. This is a success as there is no feeling of being ‘done’ or any self consciousness – just a lovely, natural looking, beautiful you!