Autumn Skin Rescue and Recovery

Autumn has arrived and with the changing seasons comes a major adjustment for our skin.

Coronavirus means that many events are still being held outside – whatever the weather – to increase space and prevent spread of the virus. Often, if we are inside, windows are being opened to aid ventilation and the central heating ramped up.

Our faces and hands are rarely completely covered (even with the mask wearing) – they have to cope with exposure to wind, rain and cold when we are outside. Inside it’s not any better as the central heating is soooo drying.

Our skin’s barrier function is being severely tested. It struggles to retain moisture and protect itself from the elements.

How do we mitigate this damaging effect and prevent our skin getting, and looking, ‘weathered’?

PROTECT – SPF – UV ray protection
Use of a SPF hydrating daycream such daily hydrating moisturiser SPF 30 + is important even in this Autumn weather – please see my previous blog article ‘Sun Protection for ALL Seasons’. 

RESCUE – Recovery Balm
Image skincare ‘I Rescue’ recovery balm is a restoring balm that is a skin saviour to have in the handbag and to keep by the bedside. It is totally great for use in this changing weather and for soothing irritated skin.

Image Rescue Recovery balm was initially formulated by plastic surgeons for use after advanced skin treatments to aid recovery.

As we entered these colder months, I started to feel that I needed a serious rescuing intervention and began to start using the Rescue balm. It is amazing how it is helping my skin – moisturising away roughness, calming redness and soothing irritations caused by the masks and visors at work which dig in and rub the skin.

It reduces water-loss and contains organic anti-histaminic agents and antiseptics. Soothing Chamomile, Willow bark, Rosemary and Oat protein calm the skin, reduce redness and protect against free radical damage. Advanced moisture complex and plant derived stem cells help to strengthen the skin barrier.
It can be used anytime day or night as it leaves no greasy trace which is an advantage over many other products I’ve tried which are similarly marketed to soothe, heal and help this barrier function of the skin.
For men, shaving adds an extra insult to the skin barrier and this rescue balm is a great help. It offers healing for the skin without clogging up pores or feeling at all heavy on the skin.

HYDRATE – Lip and Eye Area Hydrating Treatment Products
A clean effective clinical skincare routine should be maintained with special attention to potential problem areas.

Prevent rough chapped lips and diminish the look of any fine lines around the lips with Ormedic Lip Enhancement Complex – a lip treatment that adds up to 40 percent of moisture volume with repeat use. This is not just a lip balm but a lip treatment that stays on the lips actively renewing collagen, efficiently nourishing and working to repair the lip area there with antioxidants.

The delicate eye area can need soothing more than ever at this time of year. The Ormedic Balancing Eye Lift Gel contains organic soothing, healing and balancing ingredients including Aloe barbadenis leaf extract and fruit cell culture extract. Gentle but effective, it smooth lines, increases collagen and boosts skin immunity.

NOURISH – Intensive Nourishing Treatment Serums, Masques and Professional Facial Treatments
An intensive nourishing serum designed to provide maximum protection from environmental damage is the Vital C hydrating ACE serum – a concentrated essence for the skin. This powerful cocktail contains three forms of vitamin C, vitamins A and E, and a power blend of plant antioxidants including green tea, echinacea extract and bearberry extract.

An overnight masque can be super effective due to length of time on the skin. Vital C overnight hydrating masque contains an active triple mineral complex of zinc, magnesium and copper to energises the skin for a revitalised look. The gel texture locks in moisture and antioxidants for a deep quenching skin experience.

Lastly, when you are ready and the coronavirus situation allows, a set of professional skin enzyme peel treatments will reset the skin to kickstart skin health and cell turnover as we brace ourselves to enter the Winter months.