Christmas Gifting

A Skin Routine in a Box

The Strictly Come Dancing glitter ball heralds the run up to Christmas!

It is time to get organised and be ready to treat your loved ones with the ideal gift.

And, as if by magic, the perfect solution for Christmas gifting has arrived from Image Skincare.

Suitable for both women and men, there are three wonderful Christmas skincare kits to choose from this year. The themes are Hydrating, Age-defying and Brightening.

Each fabulous kit contains a trio of products that work together to deliver actual results to prepare the lucky recipient for the new year ahead – a bespoke skincare routine in a box. Each kit contains a fabulous cleanser, serum and daily moisturiser with SPF.

They come presented in limited edition beautifully designed boxes that are easy to wrap. For those looking for a bargain, it is also a cost effective way to purchase the skincare because each set of three is significantly cheaper than buying the products individually.

So, whether you are treating yourself, guiding a partner to buy your ideal gift, or keen to surprise a loved one with a fabulous treat – here is the ultimate feel-good box to have under your Christmas tree.

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Speedy Skincare

Time Saving Skincare Tips For the Busy Person

 Too busy for a complicated skincare routine? Work, childcare, life – there is so much that can get in the way and good habits can fall by the wayside.

We may end up leaving on makeup overnight and using products that are not suited to our skin.

This is a false economy when it leads to skin problems down the line that can be difficult to reverse.

Particularly, daytime SPF protection is never negotiable. Neglecting UV protection may result in premature ageing and increase the likelihood of developing skin cancers.

Get Organised

Know the plan. When time is short, having a set routine and a plan saves time and energy. Have a set of products that you have identified as suiting your skin and that actually work open and ready – keep them by the sink and dressing or bedside table.

Declutter by getting a storage system for products you want to use so that they are ready at hand. Get rid of those products that you know you are not going to use.

If you are using various active ingredients it can really help to use a brand like Image Skincare that puts together the ideal formulations so that the products do not negatively interact with each other – rather than mixing various formulations which can be counter productive – for example with pH changes.

Make a plan for which nights you are going to use retinol and have the alternative night cream ready.

Line up the eye creme before the face cream in the order of what you will use. To quote the skincare guru Caroline Hirons, “Applying your eye product last is like wearing your knickers over your trousers”.

Multitask whilst caring for your skin

There are skincare products that work best if left on the skin for a while but those minutes can still be used productively.

If it is just 5 minutes that are needed, if you get on a masque before you get ready for bed, by the time you have cleaned your teeth and got ready for bed that will be ready to massage in and remove.

If it is longer, for example, 30 minutes then there is time to call a friend (with or without video), read a book or get some work done.

In the evening, cleanse to remove makeup and oil with Ageless Total Facial Cleanser and then apply Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque. Depending on the amount of effect required this can be left on to work for 5 to 30 minutes.

You can even top this off with another skincare multitask. Use a product that works whilst you sleep. A great overnight face masque is Vital C Overnight Hydrating Masque – it works whilst you sleep so you awake glowing and with hydrated plumped skin!

‘Cheat’ by using products with dual functions

Skincare that doubles as make-up can be both time saving and a great way to care for your skin whilst looking fabulous.

Be careful when selecting a dual function product to avoid ending up with an inferior SPF or not using enough to get the cover. If you are in the sun it is important to reapply SPF every couple of hours.

However, a specially designed product like Image Prevention + Daily Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30 offers good coverage for both UVB and UVA and I find it thick enough in tinted coverage to be used as a foundation. It is really good value too as an amazing day cream, SPF and make-up foundation in one tube!

Another dual function product that I love is Ormedic sheer pink lip treatment balm – this is both a lip volumising treatment and a pink gloss.

If your lips are exposed to the sunshine there is a lovely lip product in the Image MD range (this range is restricted to medical professionals to sell but not available in e-shops – please do enquire). Image MD collagen lip enhancement designed for post- treatment lips has SPF protection and gives a glossy sheen to the lips whilst protecting and enhance volume and reduce fine lines.

Professional Treatments for Efficient Effective Clinical Results

Profhilo is a popular and amazing treatment formed of injections of intense ultra-pure hyaluronic acid. It biostimulates production of skin cells usually lost with age to produce better elasticity and hydration. It can have amazing effects to make the skin look smoother and fuller

Kickstart a skincare routine with a course of resurfacing enzyme skin peels. This sets the skin to turnover and refresh itself. It makes home skincare more effective to achieve results more quickly.

Contouring the face with dermal fillers saves the need for clever make up to try and achieve the same result.

Finally, Having great skin is a time saver in itself

If your skin is clear, glowing and hydrated then it is a time saver because you are bound to find yourself using less make up (or cover up). Just add some lip gloss and smile – you are ready to go.

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Autumn Skin Rescue and Recovery

Autumn has arrived and with the changing seasons comes a major adjustment for our skin.

Coronavirus means that many events are still being held outside – whatever the weather – to increase space and prevent spread of the virus. Often, if we are inside, windows are being opened to aid ventilation and the central heating ramped up.

Our faces and hands are rarely completely covered (even with the mask wearing) – they have to cope with exposure to wind, rain and cold when we are outside. Inside it’s not any better as the central heating is soooo drying.

Our skin’s barrier function is being severely tested. It struggles to retain moisture and protect itself from the elements.

How do we mitigate this damaging effect and prevent our skin getting, and looking, ‘weathered’?

PROTECT – SPF – UV ray protection
Use of a SPF hydrating daycream such daily hydrating moisturiser SPF 30 + is important even in this Autumn weather – please see my previous blog article ‘Sun Protection for ALL Seasons’. 

RESCUE – Recovery Balm
Image skincare ‘I Rescue’ recovery balm is a restoring balm that is a skin saviour to have in the handbag and to keep by the bedside. It is totally great for use in this changing weather and for soothing irritated skin.

Image Rescue Recovery balm was initially formulated by plastic surgeons for use after advanced skin treatments to aid recovery.

As we entered these colder months, I started to feel that I needed a serious rescuing intervention and began to start using the Rescue balm. It is amazing how it is helping my skin – moisturising away roughness, calming redness and soothing irritations caused by the masks and visors at work which dig in and rub the skin.

It reduces water-loss and contains organic anti-histaminic agents and antiseptics. Soothing Chamomile, Willow bark, Rosemary and Oat protein calm the skin, reduce redness and protect against free radical damage. Advanced moisture complex and plant derived stem cells help to strengthen the skin barrier.
It can be used anytime day or night as it leaves no greasy trace which is an advantage over many other products I’ve tried which are similarly marketed to soothe, heal and help this barrier function of the skin.
For men, shaving adds an extra insult to the skin barrier and this rescue balm is a great help. It offers healing for the skin without clogging up pores or feeling at all heavy on the skin.

HYDRATE – Lip and Eye Area Hydrating Treatment Products
A clean effective clinical skincare routine should be maintained with special attention to potential problem areas.

Prevent rough chapped lips and diminish the look of any fine lines around the lips with Ormedic Lip Enhancement Complex – a lip treatment that adds up to 40 percent of moisture volume with repeat use. This is not just a lip balm but a lip treatment that stays on the lips actively renewing collagen, efficiently nourishing and working to repair the lip area there with antioxidants.

The delicate eye area can need soothing more than ever at this time of year. The Ormedic Balancing Eye Lift Gel contains organic soothing, healing and balancing ingredients including Aloe barbadenis leaf extract and fruit cell culture extract. Gentle but effective, it smooth lines, increases collagen and boosts skin immunity.

NOURISH – Intensive Nourishing Treatment Serums, Masques and Professional Facial Treatments
An intensive nourishing serum designed to provide maximum protection from environmental damage is the Vital C hydrating ACE serum – a concentrated essence for the skin. This powerful cocktail contains three forms of vitamin C, vitamins A and E, and a power blend of plant antioxidants including green tea, echinacea extract and bearberry extract.

An overnight masque can be super effective due to length of time on the skin. Vital C overnight hydrating masque contains an active triple mineral complex of zinc, magnesium and copper to energises the skin for a revitalised look. The gel texture locks in moisture and antioxidants for a deep quenching skin experience.

Lastly, when you are ready and the coronavirus situation allows, a set of professional skin enzyme peel treatments will reset the skin to kickstart skin health and cell turnover as we brace ourselves to enter the Winter months.

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The FIVE languages of Self Care

Languages of Love

The famous theory on the five languages of love (Gary Chapman 1992) is that, depending on our experiences and personality, we place a different value on the types of ‘languages’ that make us feel loved by a partner.

The five ways of showing love are: spending quality time together, giving practical help, physical touch, giving gifts and words of love and affirmation.

It is useful for working out what is going on in relationships as people tend to offer love in the same way as they wish to experience it and this can lead to misunderstandings if they are speaking a different ‘language’. Thus, interpreting the values placed on each aspect by each partner can improve communication and connection.

Languages of Self Care

I have started wondering if self care is similar. All elements are needed but some people have more interest in one area and derive more benefit from that area. That activity that particularly ‘speaks to them’ to make them feel cared for, looked after and happy.

For example, my theory is that Jo Wicks’ language of self care might be exercise and Andy Puddicombe’s (co-founder of the headspace app) might be meditation. My propensity is towards skincare – my favourite self care activity is to use lovely products and pampering treatments (but I do still feel better if I exercise, eat healthily, sleep well, meditate and relax).

This is what I think are the big FIVE self care languages:

1) Exercise and Physical Fitness
Exercise has been a massive help to many of us during lockdown. Apart from being great for physical health – which is super important- it has an immediate effect of releasing feel-good endorphins and chemicals.

2) Nutrition / Eating Well
Drinking enough water to stay hydrated and eating well makes a difference to how we feel. We need to make sure that we aren’t deficient in important vitamins – such as vitamin D and the B vitamins. Energy is lower when we eat junk food and it causes health problems and obesity.

Our relationship with alcohol also needs examining at the moment as drinking at home during lockdown may have led to larger measures and later curfews.

3) Sleep Hygiene
Getting enough sleep and going through full sleep cycles (to get the benefit of the different types of sleep) is a basic need that we don’t always get.

Keeping a regular bedtime and getting the hours in before midnight may have slipped without the need to get up for work or school in the mornings. The temptation to watch Netflix or look on the internet late into the night may have seduced us.

Having a lovely comfortable bed and bedding can add to the experience of great sleep. I love bamboo sheets for a soft and luxurious experience.

4) Meditation and Relaxation
Actively training the brain to enter good pathways of thought and relaxation can help us to be happier and to feel more in control. 

Making time to get ‘headspace’ and meditate is a new experience for many of us.

For each of us relaxation may take different forms – music, art and nature can be therapy. Did you know about  Japanese ‘Forest bathing’? – I read about this form of ‘ecotherapy’ on the Hever Castle website (when I was checking out my exciting feature in the same Hever Castle news blog  )

5) and …. SKIN CARE
Skin is a huge body organ that is visible to us and in contact with the world surrounding us. Having a comfortable, healthy skin can literally make us feel ‘happy in our skin’.

If you have a skin problem, a dermatologist is the best person to help. However, even if there is no actual problem we could all do with some skin self care.

Cleansing, exfoliation, skin nutrition and sun protection are the my main pillars of skin care  and, since I have been using Image skincare products, I have felt smoother, more hydrated and generally more comfortable in my skin.

As the weather changes, the central heating will come on and that can be drying for the skin so additional hydration is vital. Cocoon yourself in moisture all over with Vital C hydrating hand and body cream. It contains ultra moisturising hyaluronic acid, shea butter and nutrient rich oils as well as anti-aging collagen stimulated plant complex and potent vitamin C antioxidants. Elevate your senses with the fantastic citrus aroma.

For a really effective spa facial experience at home I recommend using two of the Image masques (that are used in the professional facial treatments) in succession: firstly the Ageless total resurfacing masque to offer a deep cleansing exfoliation with a luxurious soothing feel and refreshing spa scent and secondly the Vital C hydrating enzyme masque to remove dull dry skin and hydrate with nourishing vitamins A, C and E providing hydration for hours after application.

Another great tip is to use an overnight masque  – this is both easy, convenient and super effective due to length of time on the skin. Vital C overnight hydrating masque  contains hematite and malachite to provide mineral radiance for stressed skin. It also contains an active triple mineral complex of zinc, magnesium and copper to energises the skin for a revitalised look. The gel texture locks in moisture and antioxidants for a deep quenching skin experience . Simply apply to the face and cuddle up in a clean soft bed, dream away the night and wake up with visibly refreshed hydrated skin.


Finding your Tribe – the Self Care Buddies speaking the same ‘language’
Self care is treating ourselves well –  like being our own best friend BUT, if lockdown has taught us anything, it’s shown us that we do really need each other.

Self care activities do also bring people together with enthusiasm about what makes them feel at their best. It feels so good to talk about them, share tips and to encourage each other.

Instagram oneill_aesthetics_clinic is a new discovery to me and I’ve been excitedly finding like-minded people with whom to share experiences and tips  – please do follow me and join the club.

We do have to social distance but why not arrange to put on a face masque at the same time as a friend and have a video call? Helping and encouraging each other makes self care even better. The best medicine of all is to truly laugh with a friend!

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Mask wearing is giving me SPOTS!!!!

This week I’ve been having lots of conversations with patients about spots attributed to the necessary mask wearing.

Mask wearing seems to be here to stay, and we need to do everything we can do to stop Coronavirus spreading, so I’ve been thinking about an action plan to combat the zits!!

Spots/ zits/ acne/ pimples – whatever you call them – are always really annoying and can be extremely upsetting, painful and confidence destroying.

Spots have a variety of root causes and I would recommend to anyone with more than the odd occasional spot to go and see a dermatologist. It is good to solve acne early to try and prevent pitted acne scarring.

Why do spots form?

Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands at the hair follicles. We all produce sebum which comes to the surface carrying dead skin cells.

The problem occurs when a follicle get blocked by hair, oil or secretions and the sebum and dead skin cells (keratinocytes) build up behind the blockage giving a perfect medium for bacteria to thrive.

The bacteria mostly to blame is called Cutebacterium acnes is present on most healthy adult skin as a normal part of the microbes that we live with on our skin. It lives in our follicles and pores and feeds on sebum, oil and skin debris – it is only a problem when it multiplies in the build up of sebum and creates a pimple.

Hormonal changes or oily skin types produce more sebum and make us more susceptible to spots.

Extra sweating, sebum, dirt and bacteria can be created behind a mask contributing to the problem.

Workers needing to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for long periods have been particularly effected and myself, friends and colleagues have been bemoaning the extra spots under the mask area. I also noticed the gorgeous celebrity Dr Ranj was complaining of the problem on Instagram after his recent 14 hour shift.

So, here is my 5 step prevention plan to help us to live spot- free alongside our masks.

5 Step Prevention Plan for Mask Related Spots

1) Make sure you have a clean or new mask and do not touch your face

Change your mask regularly – I think using fresh disposable masks are cleaner and better for this. They do need to be changed for a brand new fresh mask as they are only designed for short usage and cannot be washed.
If you are wearing a cloth mask these need to be washed frequently so they are clean on your face. This is also important to make sure they are clear of any virus.

Once your mask is on, do not fiddle with it or touch your face.

2) Stay hydrated

Wearing a mask can make it harder to regularly drink water.

If you are not drinking enough water your skin may react by producing more sebum and oil in response to dehydration.

3) Avoid harsh products

Avoid harsh products. Harsh products often sold for acne can strip the skin of moisture and dry it out – this can make the problem worse as the skin becomes flaky and more oil is produced.

4) Gentle effective cleansing with the correct products

Regular cleansing with carefully designed products will clean out those pores and follicules without drying out the skin.

Clear cell clarifying gel cleanser is excellent for this as a 3 in 1 gel that cleanses, exfoliates and tones the skin. It is pH balanced so no extra toner is needed. The salicylic acid removes excess oil and lightly exfoliates dead skin cells to remove the food for the bacteria.
It leaves skin smooth, soft and shine free. Horse chestnut and arnica extracts calm redness prone skin.

Clear cell clarifying pads are already a best seller in my shop  as they are so convenient to keep in your bag for on-the -go cleansing. They can be in your bag ready to use after mask wearing at work or after an exercise session.
These miracle pads contain glycolic and salicylic acid to clean out clogged pores. They are also infused with antioxidant and calming ingredients to calm and refresh the skin.

All the products in my shop are paraben free.

5) Moisturise with a ‘mattifying’ oil absorbing moisturiser

It may sound counter-intuitive to say that adding moisturiser can help. However, it is actually vital – if the skin drys out it create more sebum and oil and gets flaky with dry skin cells to encourage the spots.

Using a specialist moisturiser can really help – I can recommend two amazing products that contain the moisture, botanicals and antioxidants to solve irritation and calm the skin. The clever bit is that they also actually work to absorb the surface oils to prevent the build up of the acne causing substances.

The Clear cell mattifying moisturiser hydrates, soothes and calms whilst absorbing surface oil for a refreshed magnifying effect. Vitamin B6 derivative improves the skin’s overall healthy balance by visually minimising pore size, shine and sebum production.
It can be used morning and evening. For daytime use it can be used under Prevention + daily matte moisturiser SPF 32.

Prevention + daily matte moisturiser SPF 32 is a product providing broad spectrum UVA/ UVB protection. It is an excellent make-up primer for a matte and flawless finish. This face moisturiser is especially designed for those with combination, oily or acne prone skin. Micro-sponge technology is used to absorb the surface oils and it contains antioxidants and free-radical scavengers help to prevent DNA damage.

Sun Protection for ALL Seasons

The simplest way to prevent early ageing is to use an SPF everyday

Everyday protection
When we think of sun protection we tend to think of holidays and summer days when we are out-side enjoying hot and sunny weather. We, rightly, focus on not getting sun burnt.

We are correct to consider the damage that getting burnt can do our skin and the risk of skin cancer. There is particularly evidence that sunburn before the age of 20 increases the risk of melanoma (a potentially deadly type of skin cancer).

But what about using SPF (Sun Protection Factor) with a UVA protection indoors, in cars, and on days when it is not obviously sunny?

More recently there has been more and more proof that it is not just when it is sunny that we should protect our skin from the sun.

UVA can penetrate through the ozone layer and through both clouds and glass windows. We are almost constantly being exposed to UVA as it makes up 95% of the UV radiation that reaches us. It also travels deeper into the skin than UVB. Although UVB damage is responsible for burning, both UVA and UVB can contribute to DNA damage and development of skin cancer.

UVA also, as it penetrates to the dermal layers of the skin leads to destruction to the elastic fibres and collagen in the skin and causes wrinkling and skin ageing. Over years this leads to dramatic effects that could be prevented by the use of sunscreen.

Visible effects of UV skin damage
This leads to visible effects of UV radiation as the the ageing effects in the skin are evident. The medical term is dermatoheliosis and shows as wrinkles, lines, brown ‘sun’ spots, dilated blood vessels and leathery thickened skin.

In the April 2012 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, Gordan and Brieva published a striking photograph of a truck driver from Chicago who had worked for 28 years with the left side of his face receiving UVA radiation on the window side of the cab whereas the right side of his face was relatively protected.

Twin studies also show this when one of a pair of identical twins has had obviously more sun exposure over the years than the other. In extreme cases, by the age of sixty a twin with sun exposure can look about twenty years older than an identical twin without!

Sun protection
Sun protection advice includes avoiding exposure during the hottest part of the day, seeking shade, wearing sun protecting clothes and a hat for shade. Sunglasses to protect the eyes are important too. Suncream protection is particularly vital for areas that are usually not covered by clothes such as the face, neck and the backs of the hands.

Choosing a Suncream
Check that the sunscreen has a high factor (at least SPF 30) and good UVA protection. It is important to put enough on and to reapply regularly.

There are sunscreens that offer protection by sitting on the skin’s surface and physically block-ing and deflecting the UV rays and there are sunscreens that work by chemical means to absorb the UV rays and change them into heat.

Considering chemical factors and environmental factors that are often debated, the conclusion I have come to is that whatever the various debates and evidence, the evidence that sun protection is good for our skin far outweighs any potentially negative evidence and we must not let concerns stop us protecting ourselves and our children from the known damage of UV rays.

However, for those still looking for the holy grail of sunscreen, as I have done for years, I found the IMAGE sun protection plus factor 30 SPF ticks all the boxes for a solely mineral protection formula with non-nano zinc oxide that is Eco friendly (ECOCERT). It also contains anti-oxidants to combat free radicals and help prevent DNA damage. It can be used on children over 6 months old . All suncreams, especially mineral ones need to be reapplied for full effectiveness and Image recommend that this is reapplied every 2 hours to make sure the benefit is obtained.

What about Vitamin D?
Vitamin D is also a consideration. Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium for strong bones. Vita-min D deficiency is also implicated in many illnesses and conditions – and has been recently even suggested to be a factor in Coronavirus outcome. The skin makes vitamin D from the sun but this can be obtained without actively sun bathing. 15 to 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure per day without the skin reddening or burning should be sufficient to produce the required amounts. Alternatively, Vitamin D supplements can be taken and a diet eaten with Vitamin D rich foods such as fish and milk.


1) Gordon JRS, Brieva JC. Unilateral Dermatoheliosis. N Eng J Med 2012; 366:e25

2) Farkas JP, Pessa JE, Hubbard B, Rohrich RJ. The Science and Theory behind Facial Aging. Plast Reconstr Surg 2013 May 7; 1(1): e8-e15

Body and Mind:

Stress and the Skin

How does the skin respond to stress and what can we do about it to help?

The current Coronavirus pandemic is causing stress for everyone and our skin may be showing outward signs of increased and continued stress because of this situation. In this regard, Skin can end up being the visible window to the body and mind’s overall health .

What is the science behind the skin’s stress reactions?
There are scientific reasons why our skin reveals the result of sleepless nights, increased stress hormones and dehydration but the good news is that understanding these gives the key to mitigating the effect to help the complexion.

Decreased blood supply to the skin
Stress sends the body into survival mode and diverts blood away from the skin towards the vital internal organs like the heart, lungs, brain and kidneys. Decreased blood supply to the skin can leave you looking washed out and sallow looking.

Acne Outbreaks
The survival mode stress hormone cortisol puts the body on alert for fight or flight and it causes increased secretion of androgens. Androgens are sex hormones that increase oil production and sebum. When oil and sebum clog up the skin pores bacteria are trapped and acne spots more easily form.

Inflammation and sensitivity reactions.
When the body is stressed to often releases histamines which can cause irritation like itchiness, bumps, rashes and hives.

What are the solutions?

Exercise Exercise is a great stress reliever and increases the blood supply to the skin. It may be difficult to get going but afterwards it feels amazing.

Water Drinking enough water to stay hydrated and avoiding the dehydrating effects of alcohol and caffeine will help a lot and can reduce headaches and flush out toxins too.

Healthy Diet Omega-acids help to regulate hormones and, to mitigate the negative stress response, a diet rich in salads, pulses, nuts and fish oils is best. It is advisable to cut down on fatty food and eat healthily.

Skincare A great facial skincare routine to keep the skin hydrated and prevent outbreaks and inflammation is needed. Anti-oxidants are a key ingredient when the skin reacts to stress.

The ideal skin care starts with a pH balancing cleanser with exfoliating and pore unblocking actions. To follow this, use a serum rich in antioxidants and a moisturiser with high SPF and anti-inflammatory properties during the day. At night, repeat the cleaner and serum but then apply a repairing, exfoliating and balancing night creme

Once it is safe and clinics are open, treat your stressed skin to a course of 6 professional resurfacing enzyme peels – once every 2 weeks – to set the skin to a healthy level and then maintain that with treatments every 4 to 6 weeks.


This is a unique treatment in that it actively stays in the skin for 30 days remodeling by stimulating the cells that are normally lost with age. It has had some amazing effects visually on skin quality and also the feel of the skin increasing elasticity and supporting the skin. It does not have the same effect on everybody.

It is not a filler or a skin booster or even an ‘internal moisturizer’ it is a skin stimulator that in some cases seems to actually reverse the signs of aging dramatically. Sometimes the effects are more subtle but it gives a radiant healthy glow hydrating and improving the elasticity of the skin. It can seem to tighten and lift as it smooths out the skin and irregularities due to fine lines reduce.

It involves a course of two treatments four weeks apart which both need to be completed to follow the tried and tested effective treatment protocol. The effects then need to be awaited – they are usually noticeable by 6 weeks.

The substance itself is an ultrapure high grade Hyaluronic Acid which ranks as ‘top high quality’ in terms of purity and safety. It is thermally stabilized which reduces the risk of causing an allergic or inflammatory reaction.

It is advised for use as soon as the aging process starts to cause loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and this can be from the age of the 30s upwards. There is no upper limit on the age that it can be used for and it may be some of the older patients who can have the most dramatic results.

There are specifically designed anatomically located Bio Aesthetic Points and the injections (5 on each side) are placed there in the deepest layer of the skin from where the Hyaluronic Acid travels out in a 2cm radius to cover approximately a 4cm squared area from each injection point.

The treatment is most popular for the face but also can be used for the neck and other areas on the body such as the chest and the arms and the hands.

Scientific studies on patient and clinician satisfaction show a high satisfaction with the results especially at around the 8 week mark (8 weeks after the first part of the treatment and 4 weeks after the part of the second treatment). Sometimes a third treatment may help.

The results wear off and the course of two treatments is usually repeated – if desired – in 6 months after the first injection.

“Having Profhilo treatment is an experience. You feel the needle going into your skin and you may ask yourself “Is it worth it?”… well it certainly is. There are no immediate results but after a couple of weeks after the second stage of the treatment you really see a difference and it’s great. I will definitely have it again.”

Mrs K

Patient before and after