Anti Wrinkle & Dermal Filler Treatments

Dr Jennifer consults with patients to listen carefully to their concerns and expectations. It is important to check that these are aligned with the treatments offered to increase satisfaction and desired results.

Specialist techniques are used to optimise patient comfort, create a luxurious experience and to reduce any downtime after treatment.

Safety is always the first consideration and every possible step is considered to make each procedure as safe as possible with careful attention to sterility and technique, top quality products and facial anatomy in layers and zones.

Dr Jennifer’s ethos is to give a beautiful and noticeable change with natural looking results in both the resting and active face.
Tailoring the treatment to each patient and careful product placement maximises the benefit from each product used.

Aesthetic injectable treatments can often give significant results lasting for many months but a good skincare routine is often underestimated  – the two go together to give a fresh and healthy skin appearance.

The Consultation

Each patient has an aesthetic consultation in the first instance to discuss concerns and jointly formulate the best treatment plan. Patients requesting rejuvenation or enhancement sometimes have a particular feature or area of the face that they are concerned about. Sometimes the request is to more generally achieve a fresher or less tired appearance. Treatments aim to give a lifted, beautiful appearance but in a natural looking way.

Crows feet Frown and Forehead lines

An effective treatment for frown lines and crowfeet are wrinkle relaxing injections that work on reducing the creasing movements of those areas of the face. This can prevent some types of wrinkles forming in the first instance and, over repeat treatments, work to significantly soften established lines.

Cheek Filler Treatments

Cheek treatments define and enhance the contours of the cheek to highlight beauty focal points. Indirectly, the mid-face is lifted and this can reduce cheek sagging and lessen the depth of naso-labial folds.

Naso-labial and marionette line treatment

Lines around the mouth area are often a concern and can often be treated successfully by fillers – it is usually best to discuss these lines as part of a full face approach to get a natural and effective beautiful result.

Lip Augmentation

The popular treatment of lip filler can be beautifying or anti-aging. Dr Jennifer’s ethos is to keep the lips in the best proportions to each other and the rest of the face for a natural enhancement. Top quality products are used combined with advanced techniques for improved safety.

Jaw and Chin

Modern advances in filler technology have allowed for amazing advances in this area. Some patients may have facial proportions suitable for chin and jaw enhancement.

Alternatively, the goal may be to reverse ageing changes by, for example, treating the groove between the chin and the lower lip and the dip between the cheek and the chin (that gives the ‘jowls’).

Injections to weaken the pull of neck muscles on the jawline can also be used – this is termed the ‘Nefertiti Lift’.

Neck Area

The MAX stem cell lift is an amazing product for the neck. It gives actual visible results that were statistically significantly noted by subjects after 4 weeks of use. It firms and tightens the neck and décolletage area.

Alternatively, as an injectable treatment to treat the neck, Dr Jennifer offers Profhilo and this – after 2 treatments – can, in some cases, give amazing tightening and smoothing results for the neck.

Price Guide

For new patients, a non-surgical aesthetic consultation with Dr Jennifer is needed prior to treatment and costs £50
(not refundable or redeemable). 

A remote consultation may be offered.

The cost of Aesthetic injectable treatments (including a follow up appointment at 2 weeks) starts at £320. 

Enzyme peel treatments start at £125 (including a post treatment product trial kit).

Non Surgical Injectables for Anti-Wrinkle treatments

Skin tissue enhancer that remodels 3 main types : Collagen, Elastin & Adipocytes (fat cells)


This is a unique treatment in that it actively stays in the skin for 30 days remodeling by stimulating the cells that are normally lost with age. It has had some amazing effects visually on skin quality and also the feel of the skin increasing elasticity and supporting the skin.

Results, and the length of time they last for, can not be guaranteed.

The world’s leading brand of hyaluronic acid (HA) facial fillers.


Juvéderm is made by Allergan in their factory in the small city Pringy in the mountainous Southern Eastern France near the Swiss border and 38 kilometres from Geneva airport. Each syringe of product is carefully checked and produced for top purity and quality. Allergan is a leading global brand built on a long heritage of quality, science and innovation.

Dr Jennifer uses products from both the Juvederm patented collections Vycross® and Hylacross® ranges to offer a comprehensive collection of Hylouronic Acid fillers with varying cohesiveness, elasticity and concentrations depending on the treatment area and need. The Vycross® range usually gives longer lasting results.

Resurfacing skincare peel treatments

Enzyme peel treatments

These treatments act to give the skin a workout – like a ‘gym for the skin’. Exfoliating removes the build up of shedding skin cells and cleanses pores to smooth the skin and allow the antioxidant and moisture delivering products to get into the skin and take effect.


The magic of these enzyme peels is that they are effective and active but without causing significant downtime or potential for deep skin damage. They reveal a glowing radiant appearance and a base for make-up for a smoother more flawless appearance.

Image skincare

O2 lift enzymatic peel ​

This is a red carpet treatment (suitable just before a big event) – a breath of fresh skin to illuminate, oxygenate and exfoliate.
The treatment package includes a post-treatment kit of trial size products to continue the good work.

Image skincare

Signature facelift treatment peel

This treatment is a new start for the face – exfoliating, detoxifying, strengthening, soothing and renewing. A set of 6 treatments every 2 weeks is a great way to reset the skin prior to a new maintenance plan.

The package includes a post-treatment kit of trial size products to continue the good work.