Diet needed for the skin





Exfoliation and Cell Turnover boosting products
– AHAs and BHAs – exfoliation dead skin, keep pores clog free (keratolytic properties), slow down oil production, prevent acne or break-outs
Collagen Building medical grade skincare solutions
– Retinols and Vitamin A preparations that plump up collagen and revitalise the skin.


Nutrition and Balancing for the skin – a skincare diet.
Powerful antioxidants -containing ingredients like vitamin C and green tea. Prevent oxidative damage to cells.
Biomimetic correction – with peptides that signal collagen production and inhibit muscle contraction.
Cell life extension – with plant stem cell technology.
Even skin tone – brightening agents to even out the skin and keep the skin spot free.


Ultimate UVA AND UVB sun ray protection – SPF moisturisers

Skincare Routine

Dr Jennifer’s preferred range for both professional treatments and home-care products is the Image skincare range. Products are carefully formulated and studied by a plastic surgeon, aesthetician and scientist team in U.S. certified laboratories. The purest forms of ingredients are used for maximal effectiveness. These great products have high percentages of safe and active smart botanicals and are proven to give clinically effective results. There are NO parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, artificial fragrances or synthetic dyes in any of the products and the sun protection formulas do not contain oxybenzone.

morning Routine




Morning Skincare Routine

Using a cleanser that is pH balanced means that the skin is ready to start the day without the need for a toner. The cleansers from the Image range (such as the Ormedic balancing facial cleanser) give a mini-facial to exfoliate loose surface skin cells and remove excess products, dirt and sebum.

Anti-aging serums deliver active molecules that are formulated to travel into the skin to where they can take effect to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin. Antioxidants like vitamin C and green tea extract are formulated with the highest bio-availabilty for maximum effect. Other active ingredients include smart botanicals, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Some serums in the image range, such as the Iluma® intense brightening serum, use Vectorize technology® which delivers a complex of encapsulated ingredients time released for up to 48 hours for a long lasting, intense skin treatment.

Protective daily moisturisers are moisturising crémes that act to push serum deeper into the skin. They protect the skin from UV damage from the sun’s rays, helping to prevent premature ageing and protect against skin cancer. The Image range, such as the Prevention + daily hydrating moisturiser SPF 30+, also contain potent antioxidants and complexes that are specially formulated to protect the skin’s DNA.

Evening Routine




Evening Skincare Routine

An effective cleanser is needed to take off the build up of contaminants from the environment and make up before bedtime. The cleansers in the Image range, such as the Ageless total facial cleanser, are a 3 in 1 products as they cleanse, exfoliate and tone whilst gently removing make up.

Antiaging serums are an important part of the evening routine as they supply the skin with active treatment molecules to feed the skin during sleep. Sleep is a time when the skin renews and repairs. The Vital C hydrating ACE serum  is a wonderful evening serum – it is a concentrated essence infused with vitamins A,C,E and a power blend of plant antioxidants. The ingredients can quicken repair of damaged tissue and improve the immune function of the skin.

Repairing overnight treatment crémes need to be tailored to age and skin requirements. A great balancing and restoring creme for young or sensitive skin to supply vitamins and nutrients is Ormedic balancing bio-peptide créme. Once the skin starts aging, a product containing retinol, such as Ageless total repair créme is recommended to increase cell turnover and improve skin texture and tone.

Home skin treatment Masques to add into the weekly routine

To treat the skin and keep it glowing, it is good to supplement a skin cleanse with a treatment masque. These treatments are suggested to be used 1 to 3 times a week. Here are my three favourite Image treatment masques for use at home:

The Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque is a wonderful experience for the skin and senses and can be used alone for an intensive exfoliation before allowing a serum and moisturiser to soak in to complete a ‘mini facial’ experience. It is also useful to have available in your skincare range to mix with any Image cleanser for extra exfoliation when required.

Vital C Overnight Hydrating Masque This revitalising gel complex delivers hydration to the skin and locks in vital nutrients while you sleep. Blue-green algae extract, a natural retinoid alternative, helps the skin appear smoother and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. A must-have for dry, dehydrated or stressed skin.

Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque A gentle yet exfoliating enzyme masque that exfoliates the build up of dull dry skin but is nourishing enough to use post-peel or on sensitive irritated skin. I have left this on skin overnight for a fantastic moisturising boost for the face and neck. It suits both dry/ dehydrated skin and oily skin or skin with acne.


Every facial cleanser that is in the Image skincare collection is skin balancing and in line with what the skin needs for pH. So, all the cleansers perform the function of a ‘toner’ so no separate toner is required.
Ormedic balancing cleanser is suitable for every skin type – it lifts away makeup and impurities, helps to balance the pH of the skin, and delivers essential nutrients to restore the skin’s natural balance.

Serums are a vital part of a successful transformational skincare plan to treat specific issues. The serums contain special technology that pulls the active ingredients into the skin for a long lasting treatment and sealed in by moisturizer that sits over it. My favourite serum in the range is the Iluma intense brightening serum which evens out skin tone (and smells amazing).

There are many good reasons for taking vitamin supplements but vitamin C is worth applying topically to the skin. Vitamin C topically applied to the skin is effective for skin rejuvenating effects. Amazingly ancient civilizations realised this and many of the healing and anti-aging pastes and treatments rubbed on the skin were produced from plants selected to be particularly high in Vitamin C. The Vital C range contains stable vitamin C formulations to effectively boost collagen synthesis and act as powerful antioxidants. To deliver a flood of antioxidants, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid hydration try Vital C hydrating water burst .

There are different forms of exfoliation – mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation involves a tool, technique or product with an abrasive texture to remove the outer corneocytes (top layer of skin cells in the epidermis). Chemical exfoliation utilises hydroxy acids such as glycolic, lactic and malic acids to dissolve the bonds that hold skin cells together allowing them to shed. Fruit enzymes are another form of chemical exfoliation and work by dissolving keratin causing a softening effect to the skin and sloughing off dead skin cells.
The Ageless cleanser begins the exfoliating process with glycolic acid, the Ageless total resurfacing masque has both microcrystals for mechanical exfoliation and alpha hydroxy acids. The Vital C hydrating enzyme masque contains gentle fruit acid exfoliators (papaya and pineapple).
Retinol such as that contained in Ageless total repair créme is an exfoliator.

Regular exfoliation speeds up your skin’s natural renewal process, helps to keep acne under control, diminishes uneven skin tone and discolouration. It also has an immediate effect to soften fine lines and wrinkles. Skin is left soft and glowing to allow other products to get into the skin and makeup to sit more flawlessly.
Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that increases cell turnover and aids in the production of collagen. It is a skin revitalizer, exfoliator, antioxidant and cell regulator. It fights free radicals from the environment. It can be helpful for acne. Results are to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, smooth the surface of the skin and even skin tone.

Consult with a clinician before use for the first time to develop a treatment plan and choose the Retinol carefully – there are a wide variation of products on sale over the counter and via prescription. If you have a dermatological skin condition such as eczema, rosacea or psoriasis retinol may NOT be advisable as it can increase vascularity. When retinol is first started it can cause redness, peeling and drying of the skin – the retinol preparations from Image such as those in the Ageless range are carefully formulated to help sooth whilst being active but it may take a while and persistence to start seeing the good results. It is very important to make sure you use retinol only at night and to use a good SPF sun protection in the daytime as it increases the skin’s susceptibility to the sun. Do not smoke and avoid secondhand smoke to avoid skin damage from the pollution particles. Retinol is NOT to be used in pregnancy or breastfeeding.

This will vary depending on skin type and issues that need addressing. From the mid to late 20s would be the earliest to usually consider it in skin prone to breakouts. It is also about this time that collagen production slows and the anti-aging benefit can occur – there is no need to wait until wrinkles develop to start using it. Discuss with a clinician plan for a treatment plan – it is best to start slowly and build up.

Sebum (the medical term for the oil produced by the skin) is an essential part of healthy skin but excess production can be a real problem.
Some sebum is important in the acid mantle of the skin which is the body’s first line of defence and a barrier against viruses, bacteria and other potential contaminants. It also keeps essential moisture from escaping. Harsh products that strip the skin of sebum and disrupt the natural acidic pH are not recommended.
The key to achieving balance and a healthy, shine-free skin is to use carefully designed multi-functional cleansers that cleanse, exfoliate and remove excess oils without disturbing the natural skin pH and to follow this with oil free moisturisers with microsponge technology. Great products with this technology are found in the Clear cell range and matte SPF 32 in the Image skincare range.

Oily skin with excess sebum can lead to acne when the follicles become clogged with sebum and dead skin cells and bacteria grow and cause skin breakouts.
The Clear Cell range of Image skin care clarifies and balances oily skin with ingredients to remove and absorb excess sebum whilst maintaining the skin’s barrier and pH and supplying essential moisture.

They are all suitable for both men and women – the ormedic range is great for men and suitable for all skin types. The Vital C hydrating water burst is a great gift for men as it is an innovative gel for a cool burst of hydration – it is gentle enough to use on sensitive, inflamed or irritated skin so may be good for shavers.

The ormedic range is suitable for younger women and those with sensitive skin. It is a gentle range that uses organic ingredients with medical effectiveness. It contains soothing ingredients such as aloe, arnica, oat kernel and chamomile. This range is so balancing that it is suitable for all skin types and is a great range for those starting out to develop a habit of good skincare routine.

The IMAGE products, recommended by Dr Jennifer, use a high concentration of oil soluble Vitamin C which is not pH dependent to be effective. Also using encapsulated retinol keeps retinol effective and prevents negative interactions with other ingredients. Therefore this means that IMAGE Skincare’s Retinol can be used with Vitamin C.

There has been debate and some concerns raised about nano particles in products and if they are harmful to humans and animals. This is because they may be small enough to cross the skin and even the blood brain barrier. None of the IMAGE products use nanotechnology.