Treatments that are Tailored to You

Each face is unique. This means that a standard treatment formula, although this can be a good starting point, will not suit all of us in the same way.

We vary in muscle structure and skin type. Each individual has a past history to consider, such as sun exposure and smoking, as well as age.  Not everyone is hoping for the same result and it is important to discuss hopes, concerns and expectations.

These variables mean that a tailored approach is needed for the best results for an individual.

A consultation before treatment is therefore vital in the pathway. 

The ideal practitioner has an ‘aesthetic eye’ to see what look best and can  combine this with the skill and judgment of what is achievable, safe and will likely give the best results. 

With Dr Jennifer you are not purchasing a particular product or amount of a product – come and have a consultation to plan an individual treatment tailored to you.