Speedy Skincare

Time Saving Skincare Tips For the Busy Person

 Too busy for a complicated skincare routine? Work, childcare, life – there is so much that can get in the way and good habits can fall by the wayside.

We may end up leaving on makeup overnight and using products that are not suited to our skin.

This is a false economy when it leads to skin problems down the line that can be difficult to reverse.

Particularly, daytime SPF protection is never negotiable. Neglecting UV protection may result in premature ageing and increase the likelihood of developing skin cancers.

Get Organised

Know the plan. When time is short, having a set routine and a plan saves time and energy. Have a set of products that you have identified as suiting your skin and that actually work open and ready – keep them by the sink and dressing or bedside table.

Declutter by getting a storage system for products you want to use so that they are ready at hand. Get rid of those products that you know you are not going to use.

If you are using various active ingredients it can really help to use a brand like Image Skincare that puts together the ideal formulations so that the products do not negatively interact with each other – rather than mixing various formulations which can be counter productive – for example with pH changes.

Make a plan for which nights you are going to use retinol and have the alternative night cream ready.

Line up the eye creme before the face cream in the order of what you will use. To quote the skincare guru Caroline Hirons, “Applying your eye product last is like wearing your knickers over your trousers”.

Multitask whilst caring for your skin

There are skincare products that work best if left on the skin for a while but those minutes can still be used productively.

If it is just 5 minutes that are needed, if you get on a masque before you get ready for bed, by the time you have cleaned your teeth and got ready for bed that will be ready to massage in and remove.

If it is longer, for example, 30 minutes then there is time to call a friend (with or without video), read a book or get some work done.

In the evening, cleanse to remove makeup and oil with Ageless Total Facial Cleanser and then apply Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque. Depending on the amount of effect required this can be left on to work for 5 to 30 minutes.

You can even top this off with another skincare multitask. Use a product that works whilst you sleep. A great overnight face masque is Vital C Overnight Hydrating Masque – it works whilst you sleep so you awake glowing and with hydrated plumped skin!

‘Cheat’ by using products with dual functions

Skincare that doubles as make-up can be both time saving and a great way to care for your skin whilst looking fabulous.

Be careful when selecting a dual function product to avoid ending up with an inferior SPF or not using enough to get the cover. If you are in the sun it is important to reapply SPF every couple of hours.

However, a specially designed product like Image Prevention + Daily Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30 offers good coverage for both UVB and UVA and I find it thick enough in tinted coverage to be used as a foundation. It is really good value too as an amazing day cream, SPF and make-up foundation in one tube!

Another dual function product that I love is Ormedic sheer pink lip treatment balm – this is both a lip volumising treatment and a pink gloss.

If your lips are exposed to the sunshine there is a lovely lip product in the Image MD range (this range is restricted to medical professionals to sell but not available in e-shops – please do enquire). Image MD collagen lip enhancement designed for post- treatment lips has SPF protection and gives a glossy sheen to the lips whilst protecting and enhance volume and reduce fine lines.

Professional Treatments for Efficient Effective Clinical Results

Profhilo is a popular and amazing treatment formed of injections of intense ultra-pure hyaluronic acid. It biostimulates production of skin cells usually lost with age to produce better elasticity and hydration. It can have amazing effects to make the skin look smoother and fuller

Kickstart a skincare routine with a course of resurfacing enzyme skin peels. This sets the skin to turnover and refresh itself. It makes home skincare more effective to achieve results more quickly.

Contouring the face with dermal fillers saves the need for clever make up to try and achieve the same result.

Finally, Having great skin is a time saver in itself

If your skin is clear, glowing and hydrated then it is a time saver because you are bound to find yourself using less make up (or cover up). Just add some lip gloss and smile – you are ready to go.